Under Eternity Blue seeks to expose listeners to a wide range of musical genres and styles. Through exploration, thematic undercurrents are revealed which expose music's own voice and its desire to universally express itself, through itself. Whether visiting old favorites, or introducing new paths, the goal is to open your ears to the subtle heartbeat which connects all music together.

Started as a side project by the author of the Grateful Dead Listening Guide, Under Eternity Blue aims to share an equal passion for music not at all Grateful Dead or "jam band," yet appealing on many similar deep levels. The project was kicked off in Spring 2009 as a featured radio show on Spirit Plants Radio, and now each show becomes a podcast episode here after its initial airing.

This blog exists to house the podcast RSS feed releases for Under Eternity Blue. Tracklists, etc... can also be found in the comments section of each post.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

UEB-006 - Instrumental Hip Hop

Episode 006: An adventure in Instrumental Hip Hop, featured on Spirit Plants Radio, broadcasting 'round the world at spfradio.yage.net. Turn On. Tune In! www.UnderEternityBlueMusic.com.


  1. Track#--Title--Artist
    01--Dig The Tradition '99--Kankick
    02--Unknown Interlude 20--Evil Dave
    03--Creepin'--Godfather Don
    04--Patchouly Leaves--Metal Fingers
    05--Unpredictable '98--Kankick
    06--Mongols Approaching--The Nothing
    07--From A Seaside Town--Aim
    08--Unknown Interlude 19--Evil Dave
    09--Bahia Blues--Dr Who Dat?
    10--The Music Lovers--Pablie
    11--Bon Bon Pour Les Rappers--Populous
    12--Shore Breezin'--Kankick
    13--New Paths--The Nothing
    14--Eucalyptus--Metal Fingers
    15--Jet Black Ha - Handlin--DJ Spinna
    16--Unknown Interlude 15--Evil Dave
    17--Flowers for Minnie--Kankick
    18--Talk About--Godfather Don
    20--Once Upon A Time--The Heliocentrics
    21--One Reason Why '99--Kankick
    22--Leading To The One--Nobody
    23--Untitled 2--DJ Spinna
    24--Unknown Interlude 13--Evil Dave
    25--Untitled 3--Kankick
    26--Playback--The Nothing

    1. 07--From A Seaside Town--Aim and 08--Unknown Interlude 19--Evil Dave are my favorite songs. I like enjoy them again and again.

  2. I really enjoyed this- your tastes are impeccable- How do you go about finding material for a show like this- is all old vinyl you come across- or do you search online- like Lala or other sites- I guess I'm asking A) how do you know what to look for and B)where do you look

    anyway hit another one outta the park there DJ Arkstar- thanks very much

  3. squash, Thanks for your kind words. Glad to have you listening.

    Finding material for this show (and to some degree, the others too) comes down to a few things. I do a lot of searching and following of sites/blogs that focus on the music I like. I have found places like www.allmusic.com helpful for tracing artists I enjoy on to other artists. It's not perfect, but it has been helpful. And, over the years I have collected a lot (tons) of music.

    I've never checked out Lala. Thanks for the tip. It looks great! I'll spend some time there. Looks like a LastFM of sorts. Have you seen www.Mog.com?

    With Instrumental Hip Hop in particular, I started from my specific iTunes Playlist of that music (roughly 900 songs in it) and picked favorites and auditioned other stuff therein to come up with the final cut.

  4. Edan the Deejay is a Chicago based rapper who is in my opinion one of the best lyricists out today in the rap world but he also makes his own beats and what Im getting at is he has released a 30 minute LP of strait deejaying that is pretty mind melting. A sort of mash up of old school hip hop and trip hop. Edan never leaves the listener disappointed.