Under Eternity Blue seeks to expose listeners to a wide range of musical genres and styles. Through exploration, thematic undercurrents are revealed which expose music's own voice and its desire to universally express itself, through itself. Whether visiting old favorites, or introducing new paths, the goal is to open your ears to the subtle heartbeat which connects all music together.

Started as a side project by the author of the Grateful Dead Listening Guide, Under Eternity Blue aims to share an equal passion for music not at all Grateful Dead or "jam band," yet appealing on many similar deep levels. The project was kicked off in Spring 2009 as a featured radio show on Spirit Plants Radio, and now each show becomes a podcast episode here after its initial airing.

This blog exists to house the podcast RSS feed releases for Under Eternity Blue. Tracklists, etc... can also be found in the comments section of each post.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

UEB-005 - Late 60's Jazz

Episode 005: Exploring Jazz as it traversed the psychedelic 60's, featured on Spirit Plants Radio, broadcasting 'round the world at yage.net:9000. http://www.undereternitybluemusic.com/


  1. Track#--Song--Artist--Year
    01--Most Unsoulful Woman--Jack Wilson--1966
    02--Prof Porno's Romance--Dave Pike Set--1969
    03--Una Fita De Tres Cores--Sahib Shihab--1968
    04--Time Table--Harold Land Quintet--1967
    05--Rio--Lee Morgan--1967
    06--Nardis--Joe Henderson--1967
    07--Feeling Good--Dorothy Ashby--1965
    08--Adela--The Aquarians--1969
    09--The Bed--Herbie Hancock--1966
    10--The Moana Surf--Duke Pearson--1968
    11--Chunky Cheeks--George Braith--1966
    12--Solar Heat--Cal Tjader--1968

  2. Any chance for a "Late '60s Jazz Volume II?"