Under Eternity Blue seeks to expose listeners to a wide range of musical genres and styles. Through exploration, thematic undercurrents are revealed which expose music's own voice and its desire to universally express itself, through itself. Whether visiting old favorites, or introducing new paths, the goal is to open your ears to the subtle heartbeat which connects all music together.

Started as a side project by the author of the Grateful Dead Listening Guide, Under Eternity Blue aims to share an equal passion for music not at all Grateful Dead or "jam band," yet appealing on many similar deep levels. The project was kicked off in Spring 2009 as a featured radio show on Spirit Plants Radio, and now each show becomes a podcast episode here after its initial airing.

This blog exists to house the podcast RSS feed releases for Under Eternity Blue. Tracklists, etc... can also be found in the comments section of each post.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

UEB-008 - Psychedelic Journaling [part 01]

Episode 008: A sketch pad / diary approach to exploring a wide mix of music that strikes a psychedelic chord throughout; featured on Spirit Plants Radio, broadcasting 'round the world at spfradio.yage.net. www.UnderEternityBlueMusic.com


  1. Track#--Song--Artist
    01--Pi And A Bee--Mystic Chords Of Memory
    02--St. Ives--Mormos
    03--Learn To Let Go--Adrian Quesada & Ocote Soul Sounds
    04--The Time Has Come--Unkle
    05--A Man For Atlantis--Broadcast
    06--One More Night--CAN
    07--Ardoise--BenoƮt Pioulard
    08--The Narrow Way - Part 1--Pink Floyd
    09--Fly--JK & Co.
    10--The Age Of Aquariums--Daedelus & Frosty
    11--Flying--The Beatles
    12--Hands--Four Tet
    13--Rainbow Flows--Husky Rescue
    14--Daddy Long Loops--Kankick
    15--Djellaba (The Hooded)--Alan Lorber
    17--Map In Hand Pt. 1 (Reprise)--Seaworthy

  2. Thanks Noah! Just started checking out your Under Eternity Blue podcasts after spending a lot of time on the GDLG. I appreciate all the work you put into these.

    I have pretty eclectic musical tastes but find that the element that ties together most of what I listen to is the psychedelic nature of the music. Hearing your selections is fascinating and I'm enjoying the new avenues you open up for exploration. I've had fun listening to this installment of Psychedelic Journaling and investigating further the artists included. Some I'm familiar with (Beatles, Pink Floyd, Can) while others I know from other projects they've been involved in - Martin Perna from Ocote Soul Sounds founded Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra. Chris Gunst of Mystic Chords Of Memory was in Beechwood Sparks. The others are totally new to me.

    Thanks for the time and love you invest in these. I'm looking forward to letting my ears devour the rest of the series.

    I'm curious as to what software and/or hardware you use to produce your mixes. I understand if that's a trade secret!

  3. Trade secret? Hardly! I use Soundforge to assemble my podcasts. It's probably not the most podcast conducive, but it's what I'm used to from all the years of assembling Grateful Dead transfers.

    Glad you're finding good stuff here. It means everything.